Benefits of Blue LED Light Therapy (BLT)

Besides the Red LED Light Therapy, we have the Blue LED Light Therapy. This may sound like a game of colours, but these colours of light are very significant players in matters concerning skin health and wellness. The Blue LED Light Therapy (BLT) is another safe to use, gentle technology, used amongst the beauty and health industries. In the beauty industry, BLT works by penetrating the skin to eliminate acne causing bacteria from underneath. The BLT technology is commonly associated with treating acne. The light penetrates the skin and activates the chemicals within the bacteria, which bursts their outer walls, destroying their ability to cause acne and other skin imperfections.

The BLT treatment can be administered at home, medical centres, and qualified skin clinics. It is always recommended to see a dermatologist to examine your skin, as a dermatologist will be able to examine your skin and its condition, and provide you with the best advice on how you should take care of it. However, if you know that BLT is for you make sure to take a look at Skin Engineers Anti-Acne device. Skin Engineers offer safe to use, at-home LED light therapy devices at affordable prices.

Benefits of Blue LED Light Therapy

  1. Acne Treatment

BLT is one of the most effective technologies used to treat and prevent acne from occurring. The use of the BLT as an acne treatment is non-invasive. This means your skin is left in a normal state after treatment. No need for any after-treatment creams, or avoiding sunlight.

This technology makes use of short wavelengths of blue light, that penetrate deep in the skin, which go to work to eliminate acne by killing the bacteria in the sebaceous glands. The sebaceous glands generate oil. The blue light also destroys the DNA in the bacterium that causes acne and the inflammation. This means that BLT eliminates bacteria at its source, thus reducing acne and preventing any future production.

Luckily, BLT only requires a few regular treatments to see noticeable results. Blue light therapy is the most effective anti-acne treatments available today. See the results yourself! It is recommended to buy a package deal of 10 sessions if you are to see a Dermatologist or Skin Clinic, otherwise you can always do it yourself at home by investing in an at home device Blue LED Light Therapy device.

  1. Psoriasis Reduction

The benefits of BLT stretch far and wide to other skin conditions such as psoriasis. Psoriasis is a skin condition that causes uncontrollable reproduction of skin cells, this results in scaling patches on the skin. The condition is known to have no permanent cure. The patients usually focus on fighting the symptoms. Some of those who suffer from this condition find relief from exposure to UV rays from the sun. But consequently, UV rays come with harmful risks, including the potential of developing skin cancer. However, studies on BLT use on Psoriasis have proved that BLT reduces the uncontrollable production of skin cells responsible for producing keratin (keratinocytes).

  1. Sun Damage Treatment and Prevention of Skin Cancer

BLT is a method commonly used to treat damaged skin caused by UV rays from the sun, such as sunburns.

Elsewhere, BLT is also used to eliminate premalignant and malignant skin cancer growths. The method plays a significant role in preventing skin cancer by removing both precancerous and cancerous skin lesions before spreading to the other parts of the body.

When used together with a drug (photodynamic therapy), it makes a perfect treatment for skin cancer. The method achieves this by stimulating the drug applied to react with oxygen, which results in the elimination of the cancer cells. The blue light method plays a significant role in boosting the immune system’s defence, and destroying the blood vessels the have been found to feed these cancer cells.

  1. Depression Neutraliser

Unlike the RLT, BLT extends its impacts far beyond the wellness of the skin and accommodates mental wellness as well. Blue light therapy is an approved cure for seasonal depression. In the past, the technique has proved its effectiveness in neutralising major depressive disorder associated with seasonal patterns (seasons affective depression). This disorder often partially results from dreary winter weather, dark days, and spending a lot of time indoors. Daily BLT decreases depression and improves the mood and sleeping patterns of the person affected.

  1. Treatment of Jaundice Among Newborns

To the surprise of many, BLT can also be administered on newborn babies. The technology has been proved to help eliminate jaundice in newborn babies.

Jaundice is a condition caused by the accumulation of bilirubin in the blood of newborn babies. On the other hand, bilirubin is a by-product of the breakdown of hemoglobin in red blood cells. In most cases, Jaundice is reported to disappear after a few days. In cases where it doesn’t disappear, BLT is recommended to prevent the risk of brain injury in the newborn.

The light therapy breaks down bilirubin into products that can be easily eliminated. The effectiveness of the technique is dependent on the wavelength penetration into the tissues. The most effective are lamps with an output ranging between 460-490 nm.

  1. Fatigue Elimination

A past clinical trial was carried on 30 individuals who had suffered traumatic brain injuries for four weeks to determine blue light's impacts on their condition. The trial established that light therapy significantly reduced fatigue and daytime sleepiness among the participants. Elsewhere, various studies have been carried out to examine the potential of BLT for improving fatigue, and the results turn out to be very promising.

Blue light therapy is indeed a revolutionary and effective technology. The treatments have both physical and mental benefits. It is recommended to contact a doctor to see which type of BLT treatment is best for you.

Image by Michael Bußmann

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