How does Red Light Therapy Work?

Red light therapy (RLT), also known as low-level therapy, lower-power laser therapy, or photobiomodulatio (PBM), is a treatment that exposes you to low levels of red or near-infrared light that helps in the healing of the skin, muscle tissue and other parts of the body. The light therapy features no chemicals, downtime, or invasive procedures. With just the flick of a device switch, a dose of red light covers the skin to perform its healing powers. Sometimes it sounds too good to be true. But indeed you have a lot to be excited about.

RLT has been subjected under numerous clinical studies, and according to researchers, the treatment features overwhelmingly positive results concerning collagen production, muscle recovery, skin health, inflammation, among others. Olympians, gymnastics, sport teams, natural health leaders, and leading dermatologists and clinics are deploying RLT on a daily basis for their natural health benefits.

You might be wondering how the RLT leads to all these significant positive biological effects on the body. This article will help break down the benefits to its core.

Basics of RLT

You need a high-quality and FDA approved RLT device (such as devices from Skin Engineers) with medical-grade LEDs to direct concentrated wavelengths of natural light to the area under treatment. The light from the device should be free of dangerous UV rays and excess heat.

All that is required from you receive the treatment between 10 to 20 minutes every day to power up your cells. Also note that the more surface area of your body exposed to the red light, the more cells absorb natural light energy (photons), and more benefits recorded when used consistently.

Also, remember that natural light features a wide spectrum composed of various wavelengths and colours. This means that not just any red light can trigger these biological effects. Only the tested and proven wavelengths can deliver the expected health benefits. According to experts, two wavelengths of red light and near-infrared light will deliver the best biological response with the best regenerative effects. The wavelengths have to be 660 nm for the red light, and 850 nm for the near-infrared light. The 660 nm red light is more quickly absorbed by the skin making it ideal for cosmetic treatments while 850 nm near-infrared light wavelengths penetrate deeper into the body to boost muscle recovery, eliminate joint pains and promote full-body health.

How RLT powers body cells

Nearly all living organisms rely on natural light to power the process of producing ATP cellular energy for their everyday body functioning. Wavelengths of natural red light stimulate the mitochondria in the cells. The mitochondria are responsible for taking light, oxygen, and food, and through cellular respiration, it converts them into energy for use in our bodies. In other words, RLT stimulates the process of producing energy for the body at the cellular level.

The stimulation of body functioning at the cellular level by RLT also leads to the stimulation of collagen production. Collagen is the most abundant protein in the body which is responsible for skin elasticity and rejuvenation, hair strengthening, and connective tissue strengthening that holds everything together.

RLT for inflammation and joint pain

According to various extensive studies and clinical trials, RLT has had positive effects on joint pain, inflammation, and arthritis. Normally, people would take prescribed medicine to manage arthritis symptoms. However, emerging medical research has shown that RLT is a potential treatment for arthritis at a cellular level where the root causes lie.

Research has concluded that red light decreases all cytokine levels which in turn increases the immune cell population that eliminates the inflammatory course of arthritis. RLT best treats people with rheumatoid arthritis where it eliminates pain by almost 70%.

Red light wavelengths also stimulate cells functioning at the cellular level which leads to increased blood flow to the treated areas which in most cases are damaged tissues. The increased blood flow to damaged tissues in return eliminates all the chronic inflammations in the area. The same happens on the joints where natural red light enhances lymph system activity that reduces joint pains and improves the functioning of the joint.

RLT for healthier sleep

Melatonin is a term that may sound familiar to anyone who has ever had sleeping troubles. It refers to the naturally-occurring hormone produced by the body to regulate sleep and wakefulness. So much exposure to artificial light alters with the body’s ability to produce melatonin, which leads one to take a long time before they fall asleep and prevents one from staying asleep.

Natural red light has shown its ability to stimulate the natural melatonin output, which helps you to easily fall asleep and remain asleep.

Now that you’re aware of how the red light therapy works, you are in a better position to get one. Visit Skin Engineers to get high-quality, medical grade light therapy device that you can use at home.

Photo by Samantha Hurley from Burst

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