Why you should start Red Light Therapy (RLT) in your 20s

As the saying goes - prevention is better than cure. In this instance we are talking about aging. You might wonder why it is essential to start undergoing red light therapy while in your 20s. Well, it comes with loads of benefits. Besides the simple, apparent reason that many people want to keep their youthful look, a lot of other benefits come with early use of red light therapy.

Just to clear the air, it is important to note that light therapy is safe to use and has been used on people of all ages. Light therapy is used to treat jaundice in newborn babies. Light therapy is used to breakdown bilirubin accumulation, which causes jaundice into smaller products, which can be easily eliminated. 

Also, light therapies are used to treat acne among teenagers. With acne becoming a persistent skin problem affecting millions around the world, prescription medications and other clinical procedures used to treat acne are proving futile. The skin condition currently is affecting teenagers as young as 12 years old. It can be very harmful for such cases when treated with drugs, since the skin condition doesn't just disappear. A safe alternative for such cases would be the use of light therapy. Light therapy eliminates acne both on teenagers and adults, therefore, returning their confidence and giving them clear skin.

Elsewhere, a study also established that light therapy is a safe and effective way to treat sleeplessness among teenagers. According to studies, the UV-free light stimulates the part of the brain responsible for regulating the 24-hour body clock, which enables them to easily fall asleep at night and wake up early in the morning. If you are having trouble sleeping make sure to read our article about the dangers of blue light used by mobile phones.

Here are the reasons why you start red light therapy as early as during your 20s;

1. Anti-aging

RLT significantly improves skin complexion and texture among people of all ages, resulting in vibrant and glowing skin. To maintain a youthful look as you age it is advisable you start to take care of your skin earlier, rather than later. As you age you will start to notice wrinkles and fine lines appear on your skin. Your skin will start to show signs of aging. This is why it is important to start an anti-aging skin routine in your 20s, as preventing the signs of aging is easier and more effective than fixing the problem. 

2. Hair loss solution

Hair loss is a condition that is mostly associated with older people. As people age their hair quality changes. Loss of hair density and strength leads to baldness. 

RLT is an effective and safe method that can prevent natural hair loss and enhance the growth of new hair follicles. The light technique also significantly boosts hair density, growth, and strength. The technology can eliminate baldness among both men and women.

By using RLT for your hair can improve your hair growth, quality and strength. If you start taking care of your hair in your 20s, you can be sure that your hair will be consistent as you age.

3. Bone strength

Aside from RLT’s bone healing power on injured bones, it is also used in strengthening non-injured bones and prevent any future injuries. According to analysis and protocol in the Journal of Photomedicine and Laser Surgerybone tissue treated with RTL has significantly “increased osteoblastic proliferation, collagen deposition, and bone neoformation,” which was not the case with bones not treated with RTL.

4. General wellness of the skin

RTL comes with a lot of benefits that significantly boost the general wellness of the skin. The technology reduces inflammation, fine lines and wrinkles by stimulates the production collagen, eliminates acne causing bacteria which clears up the skin. Early start-up in using RTL means that the largest organ on the body (skin) is going to be significantly healthy throughout as you age. The skin will be a vibrant and glowing haven that will see you confident in your skin as you age.

RTL at an early age does not only come with benefits to the skin but also keeps the body intact, as you grow through bone strengthening. Just like anything else in life, it is always advisable to undertake the RTL as early as possible for better future days. As the Swahili proverb states, ‘samaki mkunje angali mbichi’ (bend the fish while still wet). 

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